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lost e-mails!

There has been some errors about the e-mails. I have spoken to some who has sent me e-mails that  I've never seen on my mail. So, if anyone else know they have sent me an e-mail that I haven't answered, this might have happened to your mail too. 

If you have sent me an e-mail that I haven't replied, please try to send it again now to this other mail address:

I'm sorry if this has made some of you think that I haven't answered your mails.


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About this site

We are three bowyers managing this site. We are well experienced in making bows, and especially warbows. We make both historic self wood warbows from carefully selected pieces of good bow wood, and laminated warbows. Our bows can be made by your request, or you may look at the bows we have ready. If you want a replica bow, like one of the Mary Rose bows, the Hedeby bow, the Balinderry bow, or other bows with known dimensions, we also take that kind of orders.

All of the prices are in Norwegian Kroner. Any shipping cost will be added to the price.

Feel free to contact any of us by mail in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Frode Moen:

Eirik Diserud:

Daniel Taralrud: